Custom Made Plastic Sneeze Guards, Barriers and Face Shields

Sneeze Guards

At Welch Plastics we have made plastic barriers and sneeze guards for restaurants, retailers, banks, convenience stores and grocery stores, among others. Plastic sneeze guards are made of clear acrylic and are completely transparent, and they help protect your employees and customers from germs, bacteria and pathogens should anyone happen to cough, sneeze or even spit while talking. The plastic is lightweight and more impact resistant than glass and it also doesn’t shatter like glass if someone happens to break it.

Protective sneeze guards can be made for counters, food stations, transaction windows, office desktops, checkout registers and any place where you want to safeguard people from the potential transmission of germs during close interactions.

We can customize the size of the barrier or sneeze guard and we can make them with or without speaking holes, and we can also add a transaction cutout window.

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Face Shields

We make face shields from clear polycarbonate that has an adjustable Velcro strap to fit any head size. For comfort and breathability, these shields have a soft foam that rests against your forehead. You can even wear standard sized glasses underneath the shield.

If you are in any space where there are people around, whether you are working in a store or you are a customer shopping in that store, this could help protect you. Unlike most masks these shields also protect your eyes, not just your nose and mouth, from germs and bacteria during close interactions. The shield curves around the face and ends close to the temples. We have also found these shields to be a good reminder to not touch your face, as many of us subconsciously do that multiple times each hour. The shield stops your hand from reaching your face unless you consciously go underneath it.

Let us help you make your spaces safer for your employees and your customers.
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