• Very professional and experience staff. Could not believe how precisely they can get your project done. Stefan definitely knows how to handle the business. They saved me other a thousand of dollars. If people know how many things could be done they would use such companies more often. I got my second project done and now keep thinking what else should I get done next. You just have to try it

    Victor Ciuricov
  • Amazing service! Everyone was very helpful and they were able to make exactly what I needed in a very short amount of time!

    A1 Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas
  • Why 5 because prices are good very good customer service I will recommend .........el cubano from Carlitos Cuban food ...thank you

    Luis Gonzalez
  • Had a difficult job to be done. I was given an old antique iron lamp as a wedding gift from a family member, it was missing the glass lens that went around the light, well all but one was broken. After thinking about it and cost being a consideration, I decided to have the glass panels all redone in plastic. My first thought was thermoforming the panel, but turns out that's impossible to do with the way the panels are; they're rounded both vertical and horizontal, then vary in width. The last remaining glass piece probably would have broken before I got my 8 panels created. My idea did get me in touch with Welch. After speaking with the tall lean guy about options we came up with a conclusion and he gave me an estimate. Very nice guy and very helpful. The price was pretty expensive, understandably so, but still....ouch. I returned after I saved up the money. lol. They gave me an estimated completion date and they were finished well before that day. They were very helpful, they were very informative, if they didn't know the answer they asked someone and found out, they under promised and over delivered. I love my new light post in my front yard.

  • These guys are real professionals above my expectations . I had a broken door for my boat I can't believe how they made exact copy of it. Saved me other a thousand of dollars other buying a new unit from Sea-Doo directly. Stefan definitely knows how to handle his business. So far I had 2 projects done and makes me wanna think what else should I let them fabricate.

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