Welch Plastics specializes in custom plastic fabrication using Acrylic, Lexan, ABS, PVC, HPDE and other plastic materials. These materials bring the creativity to life in ways that other materials can’t. We fabricate both standard and custom display cases, furniture products, casino products, acrylic podiums, restaurant and food service items as well as servicing the exhibition and convention companies. Welch Plastics has also designed some of the best and largest selections of raffle drums offered in the industry today.

From every day applications to museum grade quality, we offer the right service and the right products for your needs. We are problem solvers and we can help you design your product from scratch or work with your existing drawings to build the products that you envision. You’ll find the best fabricators in the business at Welch Plastics. Most importantly, we take the time to understand your needs and build you the products that you hope for with the magic of plastic!

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Fluorescent Ballot Boxes


Welch Plastics specializes in making custom fabricated plastic displays for a wide range of applications. Be creative or go traditional, custom fabricated acrylic displays have almost endless possibilities. Additional customization can include company name or logo on the display with cutouts, etching, color printing or vinyl. We can also help you display your images, company identification and marketing communications with brochure holders, sign holders and business card holders. From standard stock items to custom holders, we have options for you to fit your budget. Simple or complex, we can bring your idea to life and build the right display for you.

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Samsung Bed Seat on Display


From personal signs to business signs, we can help you communicate the right message, branding or style. Whether you’re looking for laser etching, CNC engraving, color printing or3D lettering, we’ve done them all. Tell us your message and we’ ll help you create your perfect sign.

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3D Lettering Display


Looking for curved edges? We have years of experience bending acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PETG, and other materials, and we have the right tools to make the bends you need.

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Etched Plastic LED Display


If your project can’t be fabricated it may be created with vacuum forming. We have experts that can create the right molds and then thermoform the right shape for your need. From simple snow globes to domes, or custom molded trays and more complex creations like a retail bust displays, we have the thermoforming experts to help you.

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Molded Bust


Lights can sometimes make all the difference in the visual impact of your displays. Whether it’s back lighting or edge lighting, or maybe lighting your etched logo, we can create more attraction for your displays.

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Backbarsa etched logo


We have one of the largest laser machine beds in this market. Whether you need to have a special shape laser cut or a logo to laser etch, our laser machine can do almost anything. We can create some amazing custom etched designs for you, big and small.

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Plastic Etched Hakkasan Tower


We have one of the largest CNC machine beds in the market and we have continuously expanded our machining capabilities over the years. Whether you’re looking for creative designs or you need to create detailed parts with precision machining, we can help you deliver the desired outcome.

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CNC Cutting and Engraving Model


We have a wide variety of plastic sheets including acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PETG, HDPE, expanded PVC, and more. Round rods and square rods are available, as well as tubes, cubes and other acrylic parts.

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Plastic Sheets & Rods Cut to Size
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