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Also visit Welch Plastics'
sister company

Environmental Designs and Podiums

Welch Plastics understands your facilities requirements and we can provide solutions.  We have the ability in-house to design and fabricate, as well as work in tandem with interior designers, construction companies and design firms.  We have built water features, wine room racks, isolation mount guards for LCD/Plasma HDTVs, custom acrylic covers for priceless artwork, theft proof camera display covers and lobby decoration displays.  We have also created custom replacement light fixture covers and chandelier parts and even solved airflow problems with curved acrylic diffusers. 

Plus we can help you prepare for conferences and meetings with custom designed podiums to fit any venue.  The right podium in the right environment can set the desired tone for your presentation.  We have worked diligently over the years to deliver designs that are creative and professional, and we’re certain we can provide the right setting for your meetings.