Also visit Welch Plastics'
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Also visit Welch Plastics'
sister company

Custom Plastic Fabrication in Las Vegas

Welch PlasticsWelch plastics has been manufacturing & fabricating custom plastic products in Nevada since 2000.  Our goal is to provide great service with the highest quality custom fabrication capabilities and products at affordable prices.

Our full line of acrylics, Lexan, ABS, HDPE and other plastic products are in stock along with rods and tubes and many other supplies.    We will build to your requirements and in quantities of a single piece up to thousands.  Our in house Laser & CNC machining capabilities enable us to do the most complex and creative product designs.  Laser etching onto acrylics or wood can also be done in house.

Welch PlasticsWe work with your designs or computer files to create your finished product.  By using our knowledge of Corel Draw, Above Illustrator, CAD and Machine Tooling we provide the best possible product to keep your costs down and fabrication time efficient.  With our extensive knowledge of the materials available we can match what you wish to have built.

Welch Plastics